For blackboard POP, we recommend the dedicated POSCA.

●Strong against rubbing
●It is hard to disappear even if it gets wet with water and rain

Traditional blackboard markers on the market are vulnerable to rubbing and moisture, and “soiled your clothes.”
“The letters on the board I wrote down were washed away by rain.”
I was dissatisfied.
“Blackboard Posca” maintains the water resistance and stickiness of “Posca”,
It has the features of “resistant to rubbing” and “difficult to flow in water and rain”.
*If the ink is not completely dry, it may drop.

・Can be wiped off with water
Posca’s characteristic of “does not flow into water when dry” was felt to be “difficult to erase by wiping with water” when used on a black board.
“Blackboard Posca” has been improved with the ink of “Posca” which has been released so far so that it can be erased by wiping with water.
*It may be difficult to erase depending on the type of black board.
*Cannot be used on chalk blackboard.