Dr.Grip Writing instruments that don’t get tired

Gentle on neck, shoulders and arms
As I keep writing, my hands get tired, my hands become numb, my shoulders get stiff.
Dr. Grip was born to break up from such troubles.
Based on ergonomics, adopts a shaft diameter that can be gripped comfortably.
It reduces the strain on the shoulder and arm muscles when writing.

Newly developed soft grip

By making the outer side a double structure with higher hardness than the inner side,
While maintaining moderate softness,
A stable grip is possible.
Another feature is the smooth texture of the surface.

What is Acro Ink?
The degree of dryness is higher than before.
Acro ink with low viscosity and high coloring.
The reason why you can proceed smoothly without fading after writing is that the newly developed acro ink, which has a viscosity that is 1/5 of the conventional one, is used.
In addition, a lubricant was added to the ink to make the ball of the pen tip rotate more smoothly.