“Dr, Grip” Popular writing instrument series with stable writing comfort

How to choose Dr, Grip
There are three main types.

There are oil-based ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, and multifunctional pens.

We introduce each feature.
Oil-based ballpoint pens are handy writing tools for signing and taking notes.
Schools, of course, are very active at work.
Dr.Grip’s oil-based ballpoint pen is a very smooth and comfortable writing pen.
There are many designs with a calm and mature atmosphere.
All Dr.Grip’s oil-based ballpoint pens have a good grip because of their excellent grip.

Speaking of writing instruments that are very useful at work, multifunctional pens are recommended.
It is convenient to have a single multi-function pen with red, blue, and green colors, so that you can organize your memos in different colors.
A multifunctional pen is also recommended for the schedule book.
 Dr.Grip’s multifunctional pens are easy to use and have a reputation in word of mouth.

The last is a mechanical pencil.
Speaking of Dr, Grip, many people imagine a mechanical pencil.
In fact, Dr, Grip’s mechanical pencils are so popular and loved.
Dr.Grip’s mechanical pencil has the appeal of being equipped with a shake function, as well as a grip that fits the finger.
The shake function is a structure in which the core of the mechanical pencil comes out just by shaking the main body.
Very easy to use and fun design.
Choose by design
Simple writing utensils have an almighty design that makes a big difference in any scene.
For example, one-color writing utensils are safe because they are calm designs that can be used at work. Simple and mature designs are very popular.

Originally, Dr.Grip had a lot of writing tools with simple designs, so there are many types and colors.

Dr, Grip has attracted much attention among Dr. Grip.
We especially recommend designs that incorporate two colors instead of one color.
Just having it will make it a stylish atmosphere.
Stylish writing utensils with unique Dr,Grip designs are attracting attention from both women and men.
 Dr,Grip designs are increasing.
There are also designs that incorporate colorful blocks.