Give you the joy of getting real Japanese traditional crafts!
~The ultimate Japanese beauty and the best handicrafts that Tokyo store delivers to the world~

Tokyostore is not a Japanese shop that sells simple Japanese souvenirs.
Among the many traditional crafts, this is an online shop that delivers one of the gems to the world, created by the hands of representative craftsmen who are proud of Japan.

Traditional Japanese crafts can be said to be a work of art that is extremely excellent both technically and from an artistic point of view, but crafts are said to be “beauty of use” and are used by people in their daily lives. Improved by being touched by hands and eyes
It has been elaborated.
In addition, the background of Japanese lifestyle and culture has created its unique colors and patterns.
Japanese gem crafts will color your life.
Tokyostore delivers handmade Kyusu teacups and teacups, which have a history of more than 100 years and are born from the best technology that Japan is proud of and the craftsmanship that has been practiced by inheriting traditions. , SAKE bottles, SAKE cups and other gems of traditional crafts.

Arita porcelain, the first porcelain in Japan,
Mino ware with abundant individuality with free modeling and unique painting
Delicate glasswork Edo Kiriko that has been around since the Edo period, etc.
All of them are gems cultivated in history and tradition, but they also have excellent functionality, and their excellence stands out even more when they are used in daily life.
The more you use it, the deeper and more delicious it becomes, and the “Japanese vessel” will give a soft color to your daily life.

Enjoying green tea with high-quality Kyusu tea cups and tea cups In recent years, the effects of green tea have been widely shared in other countries.
Catechin, an astringent ingredient in green tea, is a type of polyphenol that is said to have antioxidant properties and is becoming more popular with health-conscious people.
At the Tokyo store, we also sell high-quality Kyusu tea cups and tea cups handmade by craftsmen with Japanese green tea as a set.
Please enjoy a Japanese-style tea party with your family and close friends during breakfast and tea time.

Japanese tea set and Kiriko glass make a nice interior!
Traditional Japanese crafts such as the Kyusu teacup set and Edo Kiriko glass are not only daily necessities, but also an object that allows you to feel the unique Japanese mental landscape of “Wabi-sabi”. You can enjoy it.
You can use it as a nice interior by arranging it on a desk with a single flower and arranging it on a small shelf to accent the room.
The form of love that is passed down from parents to children and their grandchildren, and traditional Japanese crafts delivered by the Tokyo store, such as Meissen and Baccarat in the West, are handed down to families for generations and used carefully. I have been.
On your wedding anniversary with your loved one
Also as a birthday present for loved ones
Why don’t you give this beautiful traditional Japanese craft as a form of love that will be passed down from generation to generation, from your family and the family of your loved ones, and to the next new family.

You can find genuine Japanese traditional crafts at the Tokyo store!
Japanese traditional crafts were born there and have been inherited by local craftsmen and craftsmen.
Therefore, there are many items that can only be obtained locally.
At the Tokyostore, you can find your favorite items, such as excellent traditional crafts selected from all over the country, one-of-a-kind items made with outstanding craftsmanship, and rare pottery made by first-class craftsmen. We have a large selection.
At the Tokyostore, find genuine traditional crafts that are not mass-produced Japanese items but are also Japanese “treasure”.
We hope that you will have your own “master piece” and enjoy it.