Cleaning the Tatami mat RUSH Rug Carpet is surprisingly easy!

Tatami is made of rushes.

Summary of cleaning methods and precautions for places where Tatami mat is used
Although I long for the Japanese-style room with Tatami mat RUSH Rug Carpet,
“Tatami mat RUSH Rug Carpet seems to be harder to clean than flooring”,
“It seems difficult to deal with when it gets dirty”
I think there are many people who have the impression that.
I will explain how to clean the place where Tatami mat RUSH Rug Carpet is used and precautions.
It is important to clean the Tatami mat RUSH Rug Carpet along the eyes of the Tatami mat and be careful of moisture.
Cleaning the Tatami mat RUSH Rug Carpet is often thought to be more difficult than flooring, but it’s surprisingly easy once you remember the points.

Basic cleaning method for Tatami mat

The charm of Tatami mat is the soothing scent of RUSH.
RUSH has excellent functions such as hygroscopicity and deodorant effect, but you need to be careful about how to handle it so as not to damage it or cause mold or mites. Here, let’s take a look at the basic cleaning method of Tatami mat.

The main principle of cleaning Tatami mat is to “follow the eyes of Tatami mat”!
When cleaning the Tatami mat, keep in mind to follow the eyes of the Tatami mat.
Cleaning against your eyes can damage the Tatami mat and make it easier for dirt to clog the gaps.
Use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove dust and hair. The dust stuck in the gaps of the Tatami mat may not be sufficiently sucked by a vacuum cleaner.
In that case, it is recommended to use a broom to scrape it out.

Tatami mat It takes about 40 to 60 seconds per tatami size.
Just one light stroke is not enough to remove the dust that has entered the gaps in the tatami mats.
It is important to move the vacuum cleaner slowly and carefully, rather than moving it back and forth in a hurry. Let’s move the vacuum cleaner at a constant speed so that the whole can be cleaned evenly.
When using a broom, it is easier to scrape out the dust by sweeping it in small steps.

Finally, perform a dry wipe to wipe off sebum stains on the surface.
After removing dust with a vacuum cleaner or broom, use a rag to remove sebum stains on the surface.
Tatami mats don’t like moisture, so basically wipe them dry. If the dirt cannot be removed by just wiping with a dry cloth, wipe it with a rag that has been wrung out strongly, and then wipe off the water with a dry rag. Doing this basic cleaning once a week will delay the deterioration of the Tatami mat.

How to clean the Tatami mat when it is very dirty

What should I do if the Tatami mat becomes moldy or ticky, or if the liquid is spilled and soiled?
Here, we will introduce what to do when the tatami mats are very dirty.

If you want to thoroughly clean the Tatami mat
When you want to clean tatami mats in earnest, such as during the year-end general cleaning, use the power of citric acid to remove dirt.
Fill a bucket with about half the amount of water and add citric acid (1 teaspoon) to it. After stirring the citric acid water well, soak a rag in a bucket and squeeze it tightly to wipe off the dirt on the Tatami mat. After that, wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth so that no water remains.

・ Using citric acid water makes it easier to remove stains, but be careful with the new Tatami mat, which retains its blue color.
In some cases, citric acid can cause the color of the Tatami mat to fade.

・ If mold grows on the Tatami mat
If mold develops, one option is to use rubbing alcohol.
Spray the moldy area of ​​the Tatami mat and wipe it off with a dry rag. At this time, be careful not to leave moisture on the Tatami mat.

・ When ticks occur on Tatami mat
RUSH, which easily absorbs moisture, is a great breeding ground for mites.
Mites are very vulnerable to drying, so it is effective to deal with them in the sun. Remove the tick-bearing Tatami mat and let it dry on a sunny day.

・ If you spill a drink or seasoning on the Tatami mat
If you spill your drink or seasoning on the tatami mat, immediately wipe off the liquid with a tissue or towel.
Over time, stains will remain on the Tatami mat.
After removing the liquid roughly, sprinkle salt on the dirty part and gently rub the damp salt with a toothbrush or sponge.
After that, vacuum the salt and wipe it off with a tightly wrung cloth to complete the cleaning.

Notes on cleaning the Tatami mat

・ Do not use baking soda for Tatami mat
Baking soda is useful for cleaning the whole house, but it is not suitable for cleaning Tatami mats. Use citric acid instead of baking soda for the Tatami mat, as it can cause permanent stains such as black spots.

・ Do not use mold remover or bleach on Tatami mat.
You may want to use a mold remover or bleach to get rid of the mold on the Tatami mat.
However, these drugs have a strong effect, so it is highly possible that the color of RUSH will change.
Be careful not to make a mistake, as it is used for a completely different purpose than the disinfectant ethanol that can be used for Tatami MAT.