A long-selling product that has been sold for over 30 years!
New color Posca Natural color is now available♪

In the water-based signature pen “POSCA”, which is a staple product of Mitsubishi pencils and is rapidly increasing in popularity,
New lineup
“Posca fine print core natural color”
“Posca Extra Fine Natural Color” has been added.

This “POSCA” is a pen series that has been used by many people for over 30 years.
Recently, it has been regaining attention mainly in the younger generation for applications such as plastic accessories and albums.

In the new color, seven light colors with higher lightness than the hue of existing ink are adopted.
By using it together with the existing “POSCA”, it is possible to create works with more contrast.
Two new types of “POSCA” will be released this time. The vivid colors of pastel colors are eye-catching.

New color lineup
Sky blue/pastel green/pastel yellow/pastel orange/coral pink/light pink/pastel purple all 7 colors