A KOKUYO product that commercialized a stapleless stapler as “Harinacs”

No need for metal needle because it is bound with “paper”
The stapleless stapler is roughly divided into two types: “drilling type” and “crimping type”.
Many adopt the drilling type.
In other words, the paper is fixed by making holes in the paper and weaving (inserting) the paper in the holes into the paper.
On the other hand, the crimp type presses the paper with a strong force while pressing the paper from the top and bottom to make the paper close.
It is an epoch-making stapler that does not have holes in the paper, although unevenness remains.

Despite being a handy type, it is capable of binding 10 sheets.
Moreover, the mechanism that weaves the arrow-shaped paper into the binding holes has the advantage that the bound portion does not come off easily.
In addition, the location where the binding holes are opened is known in advance, so it is a kind design that allows you to avoid binding on the letters.